Why Is A Crisis Plan Essential Inside A Hotel?

For any company, it is necessary that in the communication plan, some strategies can help, in this case, a hotel to overcome the crises that may arise within the company. If a hotel does not have methods to act in the event of an emergency, it will probably not be able to get out of the period of trouble. On the other hand, if the organization has a well-structured crisis plan, it will allow them, in cases of danger, to have the right methods to get out of the risk zone.

How do you know if you’re in a crisis?

First of all, you have to take into account that there are different types of crises, from natural disasters that endanger the structure of the hotel to guest complaints that later became demands that undermine the economic stability of the company or the reputation of the hotel. The main characteristic of these types of events is that they are unexpected, so if a company doesn’t have a strategy, it will probably end up in bankruptcy.

How do we know if we’re ready?

If a hotel really does not want adverse events to damage its stability, it needs to be prepared for these kinds of circumstances. Large hotels, such as Puerto Peñasco Resorts, always have a manual in which are indicated the steps to follow in case of a crisis, both natural and human. It is necessary that for this plan to be carried out correctly, all the members who work inside the hotel have the required knowledge about the methods that should be used. This is to be able to act in a faster and more efficient way.

One technique that will allow us to know if our hotel is prepared for a time of crisis is to perform simulations were actions that could endanger the company. The simulations can be of natural events such as earthquakes or events created by humans themselves, for example, a complaint from a guest.

Plot a route

To get out of a crisis, it is necessary that, apart from putting simulations into practice, it is essential to list and determine which actions are necessary to resolve immediately, i.e., that all actions have a correct chronological order. This type of method will allow that at the moment that a hotel goes through a crisis, they know what to do in each moment, this likewise will acknowledge that there is a better organization of documents and the same personnel.

Check costs

Hotel companies must understand that any adverse event has a direct impact on the economy, which is why it is necessary to monitor the loss of money so that senior managers take into account how much money is being consumed and with how much approximate money they are going to come out of the crisis.


In cases of danger, the communication within the hotel needs to be as transparent as possible, i.e., the flow of communication needs to be handled properly. This action should not only be between employees, but also with the guests themselves. It is crucial that at all times, the people inside the hotel are aware of what is happening, especially if it is a natural disaster. The employees in charge of customer service should try to answer the doubts that may arise from the guests, with the aim that they are calm in the face of the crisis.


Once the crisis is over, an in-depth analysis must be made of the actions taken, the impact caused by this adverse event, and how it was acted upon at the time of the crisis. This will allow feedback to be made so that in the future, actions that were wrongly carried out can be avoided, and those that were useful at the time of the danger can be strengthened.

An essential aspect that must be taken into account in a crisis plan is that all staff must be informed about the actions to be carried out, as well as having people who can help organize the work team.