The Benefits of a Centralized Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Building owners with more than one location will appreciate the benefits of having one company for commercial grounds maintenance. Strategic Grounds Management services businesses in 48 states with exterior grounds maintenance. This includes major multistory buildings, apartment communities, condominiums, hotels, motels, and resorts that have extensive grounds with walkways and colorful landscapes.

We also work with restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations, retail chains, and stores that stand alone in a commercial zone. Our company also maintains grounds around shopping malls and business parks.

Services include:

  • Lawn care and general gardening,
  • Flower and shrub maintenance,
  • Tree trimming  
  • Parking area maintenance
  • Pressure washing for walkways and parking areas
  • Snow removal where necessary
  • Asphalt repair, sealing, and painting

Companies, including property managers, with more than one location, will work with only one company that can service all commercial building sites.

One Point of Contact for All Your Commercial Grounds Maintenance Needs

Our office in your location will assign maintenance personnel to all of your properties at the same time or at different times that you specify. We work with you to care for all of your grounds as needed or on special monthly or seasonal schedules.

Our field representatives work with your properties to determine the type of maintenance necessary and when it should be performed. This will include monitoring parking areas and walkways for cracks that may need new paving or sealing. We mulch grounds and plant seasonal flowers and shrubs in some areas. Preparing grounds for winter weather is part of our service along with snow and ice removal. We also have a spring checklist for all properties and special plantings as the seasons become warmer.

Business and Industrial parks often have extensive common areas, landscaping, and walkways that must be kept clear and safe all year. Ground safety is a major priority in all regions.


You receive one invoice with a centralized commercial grounds service for all locations. There are no separate invoices for one apartment community and another for an office building or industrial park. It comes with one itemized invoice that can be broken down by property.

Strategic Grounds Management will invoice you on the services rendered for all locations even though the maintenance requirements may be different for various buildings. This includes hard surface and landscape maintenance. 

Your Budget

You decide which services will be used at various locations. You set the budget for lawn and shrub care, tree trimming, and other gardening activities.

We will work with you to carefully examine parking areas and walkways for safety. This includes cleaning and removing any dangerous debris on walkways and in parking areas. We do our best to keep your costs down.

You may have special seasonal needs such as snow removal and cleaning areas after a major storm. We work with you on any special needs that result from extreme weather conditions. All recommendations for extra services are sent directly to your office where you have the final word on the type of work you want us to do.

Contact us for more information on commercial grounds maintenance for your properties. Our exterior property services will keep your grounds attractive and safe.