Successful Dental Hygiene

We know that the toothbrush is the primary tool that will help us remove plaque exist in the denture, as well as eliminate living bacteria, so it is vital to have a good brush that facilitates the cleaning work. There are an innumerable amount of these tools on the market, but we must know that there is a brush for each need, in this case, focusing on significant procedures.

The use of specialized brushes is designed to adapt to the structure of the mouth, so its image and shape are different from those we normally know. This type of tool will maintain care of those significant treatments, such as implants, brackets, dental crowns tijuana, and others.

  • Angular brushes- Thanks to its long and narrow handle, allows it to be inserted more easily into the mouth. Its small head offers a more detailed cleaning of each tooth, making it ideal for dental implants and crowns.
  • Normal brushes- Its narrow and linear head helps us to have a general cleaning of all the teeth; this doesn’t mean that it is bad, but that this type of brushes can be used for everyday use. The type of bristles depends a lot on the need of the person since there are some that contain soft bristles that don’t damage the gum.
  • Brace Brush- The way in which their bristles are distributed, in the shape of V, facilitates the cleaning work as it can enter between the spaces where the appliance is located.

As well, other tools will help us improve cleaning, of course, which are more specialized products.

Appliances for cleaning- It is a tool that uses pressurized water to improve the hygiene of the teeth, especially between the teeth as this is where there is a higher accumulation of tartar and plaque.

Dental floss- Facilitates and improves the elimination of food that lies between teeth. The removal of these residues avoids the formation of bacteria that cause cavities.

 Interproximal brushes – Improves cleanliness by getting rid of food deposits. Its small structure helps the access to certain parts of the cavity is not so complicated. Its soft bristles are ideal for people who have brackets.

Curettes- Allow the removal of tartar and plaque in areas such as the gum line between the teeth. It is recommended that a dentist uses this tool, this not to damage or hurt the teeth because a false movement can damage our gums.

Cleaning tablets – Effectively and safely clean orthodontic appliances by preventing the accumulation of plaque and tartar, as well as eliminating bad breath. They provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness all day long.

Both the toothbrush and other utensils are the ideal complement to improve our oral health as they significantly facilitate this work. Remember that a good dental cleaning avoids significant problems in the oral cavity, issues that can be irreversible or very expensive, so it is necessary to employ a more exceptional dedication to oral hygiene, as well as periodically attending the dentist to ensure that we are using the right utensils.

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