How Should A Hotel Deal With Negative Reviews?

Hotel managers should be aware that guest reviews can mean increased sales and popularity or loss of customers. This is why many Puerto Peñasco condos focus on giving people the best of services, so they pay close attention to customer service. Despite this, some specific clients can be complicated and seek to take advantage of the freedom of expression they have to leave bad reviews. While they may often be right, indeed, many do so to gain something in return. That’s why hotel companies need to know how to deal with these types of acts.

Analyze the situation

When a conflict exists, the hotel manager must be present and aware of the situation. This person will be in charge of analyzing the event in detail and will need to collect all the necessary information to know if it was the fault of the hotel or the guest. To obtain the required data, you should ask the internal staff and, sometimes, other clients this to solve the problem. If there has been a problem with the team or with the facilities, compensation will be sought from those affected before they make an opinion about the hotel.

As mentioned, many people take advantage of “conflicts” to receive compensation, so an analysis of the situation is necessary to know if the client is right.

Don’t lose the good attitude

When faced with a problematic situation, the hotel manager and staff must maintain a positive attitude. They should not get carried away by their emotions because they can end up with a bad result, and now the company will be affected. If there is a problem, the client is still treated correctly, and we try to solve their problems. Remember that many people are blackmailers and will try to get the employees angry to gain something in return, so they will continue to insist. It is a matter of continuing to maintain a posture of kindness and respect.

Not to fall into blackmail

While it is true that many companies choose to give blackmailing clients compensation so that they do not leave bad reviews, it is essential always to have a limit. For example, if a guest claims something and is compensated, but the same thing happens again, and again, the hotel must put a stop to it. In this type of case, it will be better for the person to leave a bad review, and it must be understood that sometimes nothing can be done. The fact of continuing to correspond to blackmail will only cause more people to see it as an opportunity.

Report opportunistic customers

Many of the hotel reviews are found within platforms such as TripAdvisor or Booking, in case it was due to blackmail, the company can fill out a form that will be sent to these companies so that they know the situation and can eliminate the negative comment. That is why it is essential that hotel companies are always aware of the opinions left by others, to know the experience that the clients had, and to analyze those situations that ended up in a bad review.

Customer reviews will always be something that can benefit or affect a hotel’s reputation, so it is necessary to eliminate those that can damage the image. So it is crucial to fix the cases where the company did fail and avoid those opportunistic customers.