3 Red Flags to Look for in Commercial Oil Tank Removal Companies

3 Red Flags to Look for in Commercial Oil Tank Removal Companies


Regardless as to whether it is a warehouse, manufacturing plant, shopping mall or any commercial space, is you own or manage a business, your commercial property could be hiding a buried oil tank if located in the state of New Jersey. If your building was built at the turn of the century, or if the land once housed a structure built at that point in history, it would be wise for you to contact an oil tank removal company for commercial properties to ensure your land is safe from the imposing threat of an oil tank leak. But how can you tell a reputable oil tank removal company for commercial properties that will perform flawless work while protecting your best interest? This article will help by revealing three common red flags to look out for when vetting oil tank removal companies for businesses.


  1. The Commercial Oil Tank Removal Company has No History (or Little of One)


Oil tank removal from a commercial property is a serious task. There are a number of things that can go wrong if the oil tank removal company makes mistakes. This is why is is crucial to partner with one that has a long-standing history in the industry. In addition, you should look for other strong points that tie into history, such as the company’s journey to establish itself, see if it is a family-owned and run business, and if they are partnered with any other relative bodies.


  1. The Oil Tank Removal Company Doesn’t Have Certified Specialists


Some oil tank removal companies will claim to be certified, but they are vague in regards to what these certifications are. Look for an oil tank removal company that has true experts with the right certifications and licensing. Some of the certifications that a reputable commercial oil tank removal company should have includes:


  • NJ Public Works Registration
  • NJ DOT
  • NJ Solid Waste Transporter
  • NJ Schools Development
  • NJ Weights and measures
  • NJ Div. Property Management and Construction
  • NJ Business Registration
  • NJ Division of Consumer Affairs
  • NJ Employee Information Report
  • NJ DEP (UST)


Make sure the oil tank removal companies you consider calling hold these certifications. Otherwise, you are risking more than you bargained for.


  1. The Oil Tank Removal Company doesn’t Perform Soil Remediation NJ Services


Would you hire a contractor to build your home knowing that he doesn’t do roofs? Of course not, nor should you hire an oil tank removal company if they aren’t able to perform soil remediation services. Look for an oil tank removal team that are also known as a respected soil remediation NJ service provider. When oil tank removal crews excavate the tank and see that a leak has spread into the ground, they must act fast to perform soil remediation services and not wait for a second party thus costing you precious time and money by having to pay more to another party. Your soil remediation and oil tank removal company will also want to perform soil testing on other areas, as well as the immediate area where the oil tank was discovered. Avoid working with oil tank removal companies that aren’t capable of performing soil remediation NJ services.


Avoid these three red flags, and you will be in good hands with an excellent oil tank removal company and soil remediation NJ expert.